Thursday 21st July
MM54551/1        MB-339PAN         Italian AF; IAM4880 arr 1540 
MM54517/2        MB-339PAN         
MM55058/3        MB-339PAN         
MM55052/4        MB-339PAN         
MM54505/5        MB-339PAN         
MM54534/6        MB-339PAN         
MM55053/7        MB-339PAN         
MM54514/0        MB-339PAN
MM55054/9        MB-339PAN         
MM54510/12       MB-339PAN         

MM62189/46-55    C-130J-30         Italian AF; IAM4664 (1610/1740)   

The Frecce Tricolori arrived today following a flypast over Dublin City centre.  Their support Hercules arrived with personnel and ground equipment but has since departed back to Italy.

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