Monday, July 24th

LN-DHY  Vampire   dep 09:15
N104CJ   MiG-15    dep to Cardiff

Following their departure from Dublin Airport the Spanish F-18s performed a missed approach @ 10:50L before proceeding south for home:-

C-15-18   EF-18M   Spanish Air Force; "Toro"
C.15-64   EF-18M   Spanish Air Force; AME1513



Sunday, July 23rd

LN-DHZ  Vampire - departed 1705

SE-DXN  Viggen  - departed 1720

SE-DXG  Saab 105 - departed 1725


Friday, July 21st

F-AZZD   Fouga CM170   Patrouille Tranchant; arr 1630
F-GJMN   Fouga CM170   Patrouille Tranchant
F-GKYF   Fouga CM170   Patrouille Tranchant
F-GSYD   Fouga CM170   Patrouille Tranchant

LN-DHY   Vampire           Norwegian Historic Flight; arr 1830
LN-DHZ   Vampire
N104CJ   MiG-15

SE-DXG  Saab 105         Swedish AF Historic Flight; arr 1515

SE-DXN  AJ37 Viggen     Swedish AF Historic Flight; arr 1302                      

Irish Air Corps PC-9M 269 was active this afternoon which I believe was it's first flight since arrival on delivery earlier this month. 


Sunday, July 9th

88-4402     C-130H      US Air Force; HKY680 dep 10:35 


Friday, July 7th

262            PC-9M        Irish Air Corps; IRL262 dep 09:05 (to Yeovilton)

88-4402     C-130H      US Air Force; HKY680 arr 17:20 


Tuesday, July 4th

269           PC-9M                    Irish Air Corps; IRL269 arr 1545 (delivery)