Friday 29th July
ZF171       Tucano T1         Royal Air Force; RFR7292       arr 1030
ZF204       Tucano T1         Royal Air Force; RFR7292


Tuesday 26th July
MM62189     C-130J-30         Italian Air Force; IAM4673     1208/1403


Monday 25th July
SE-DXG      Saab 105          Swedish AF Historic Flight     dep 0835 
SE-DXN      Saab Viggen       Swedish AF Historic Flight     dep 0800 SE-DXP      Saab Viggen       Swedish AF Historic Flight     dep 0830 


Sunday 24th July

9 x Red Arrows; 4 x Fougas; the Viggen & Draken; 10 x Frecce Tricolori all departed to Bray Airshow and then recovered after their displays.

The Saab 105, Hawk XX188 and one MB-339 did not partake in the show.

Irish Air Corps participation was as follows:-

"Hawkeye" 3 x Cessna FR172s - 203, 208, 210
"Eagle"   4 x PC-9Ms        - 260, 261, 263, 276
"AW279"   1 x Aw-139        - 279

All ten Red Arrows subsequently departed back home to the UK @ 16:50L.  


Saturday 23rd July
F-GJMN/1    Fouga CM170       Groupe Tranchant  to/from Bray Airshow  
F-AZZD/2    Fouga CM170       Groupe Tranchant   ""      ""    ""     
F-GKYF/3    Fouga CM170       Groupe Tranchant   ""      ""    ""  
F-GSYD/4    Fouga CM170       Groupe Tranchant   ""      ""    ""     

MM54551/1   MB-339PAN         Italian AF         ""      ""    ""     
MM54517/2   MB-339PAN         Italian AF         ""      ""    "" 
MM55058/3   MB-339PAN         Italian AF         ""      ""    "" 
MM55052/4   MB-339PAN         Italian AF         ""      ""    "" 
MM54505/5   MB-339PAN         Italian AF         ""      ""    ""  
MM54534/6   MB-339PAN         Italian AF         ""      ""    ""   
MM55053/7   MB-339PAN         Italian AF         ""      ""    ""     
MM54477/8   MB-339PAN         Italian AF         ""      ""    ""     
MM55054/9   MB-339PAN         Italian AF         ""      ""    ""     
MM54510/12  MB-339PAN         Italian AF         ""      ""    ""     

EI-ABI      DH.84A Dragon     Aer Lingus HF     from Bray - to Weston
EI-HFA      DHC-1 Chipmunk    Irish HF          from Bray
EI-HFB      DHC-1 Chipmunk    Irish HF          from Bray
EI-HFC      DHC-1 Chipmunk    Irish HF          from Bray
N707TJ      Stearman          Breitling Team    from Bray - to Weston
N74189      Stearman          Breitling Team    from Bray - to Weston

XX188       Hawk T1           Royal Air Force   Red Arrows arr 1935
XX232       Hawk T1           Royal Air Force
XX244       Hawk T1           Royal Air Force
XX278       Hawk T1           Royal Air Force
XX310       Hawk T1           Royal Air Force  
XX311       Hawk T1           Royal Air Force
XX319       Hawk T1           Royal Air Force 
XX322       Hawk T1           Royal Air Force
XX323       Hawk T1           Royal Air Force 
XX325       Hawk T1           Royal Air Force 


Friday 22nd July
G-XXEB      Sikorsky 76       Queens Helicopter Flight  (1150/1920)

and more arrivals today for the Bray Airshow:-
F-AZZD/2    Fouga CM170       Groupe Tranchant
F-GJMN/1    Fouga CM170       Groupe Tranchant      
F-GKYF/3    Fouga CM170       Groupe Tranchant
F-GSYD/4    Fouga CM170       Groupe Tranchant

SE-DXG      Saab 105          Swedish Air Force Historic Flight
SE-DXN      Saab Viggen       Swedish Air Force Historic Flight
SE-DXP      Saab Draken       Swedish Air Force Historic Flight

MM54477/8   MB-339PAN         Italian Air Force; IAM4880                 


Thursday 21st July
MM54551/1        MB-339PAN         Italian AF; IAM4880 arr 1540 
MM54517/2        MB-339PAN         
MM55058/3        MB-339PAN         
MM55052/4        MB-339PAN         
MM54505/5        MB-339PAN         
MM54534/6        MB-339PAN         
MM55053/7        MB-339PAN         
MM54514/0        MB-339PAN
MM55054/9        MB-339PAN         
MM54510/12       MB-339PAN         

MM62189/46-55    C-130J-30         Italian AF; IAM4664 (1610/1740)   

The Frecce Tricolori arrived today following a flypast over Dublin City centre.  Their support Hercules arrived with personnel and ground equipment but has since departed back to Italy.


Wednesday 6th July
900531   C-26D             US Navy           CNV6168 dep 0851  


Tuesday 5th July
900531   C-26D             US Navy           CNV6168 arr 1330