Thursday, 8th October
G-VNAV    Diamond DA62          Flight Calibration; VOR02 arr 1135 - dep 1714   


Friday, 18th September
281             PC-12NG       "X281" dep 1029 - 1st flight in service



Wednesday, 16th September
283             PC-12NG       "X283" dep 1414 - arr 1610; 1st flight in service
The three PC-12NG Spectres (281, 282, 283) were officially unveiled this morning by the Minister of Defence in a ceremony hosted by the GOC of the Air Corps.


Tuesday, 15th September
282             PC-12NG       "X282" dep 1125 -  arr 1310; 1st flight in service


Friday, 11th September
HB-FXM   PC-12/45        Pilatus; PCH547  dep 0911


Thursday, 10th September
HB-FXM   PC-12/45        Pilatus; PCH547  arr 1128
N280NG   PC-12/NG       'Shadow 1'   arr 1225 - 'N280NG'   dep 1426   arr 1748
N281NG   PC-12/NG       'Shadow 2'   arr 1225
N282NG   PC-12/NG       'Shadow 3'   arr 1226 - 'N282NG'   dep 1430   arr 1758

Today saw the arrival of three PC-12NG Spectres on delivery to the Air Corps.
The aircraft had been in the Pilatus facility at Denver, Colorado for over a year having a suite of specialist equipment fitted.
They departed on Monday evening from Rocky Mountain Airport, CO and routed to Burlington, VT.
On Tuesday afternoon they continued on east to Goose Bay for an overnight stop.  The next leg took them across the Atlantic to Iceland, arriving in Reykjavik yesterday afternoon. 
Using their registrations as call-signs they checked in with Dublin ATC around 1145 they headed south from Cavan to the DONEB hold (west of BAL) where they joined up in formation.  Once established in the hold the call-sign was changed to "Shadow" and the formation routed across the south city to Killiney and turned back to perform a low pass along runway 28 before breaking left to land.
Pilatus personnel also arrived earlier from their base in Switzerland aboard the company's PC-12.
Two of the aircraft, N280NG & N282NG then departed on an acceptance flight which took them down to the southwest of Kerry (approx 49N 14W) and both recovered to BAL just in time for tea!


Friday, 14th August

N737AT    B737-7HJ     Hillwood Airways; HWY227 arr 1105