Sunday 19th July
01-0040  C-40B             US Air Force    SAM629    dep 1010
84-0087  C-21A Learjet     US Air Force    Falcon 59 dep 1522
J-3083   F-5E Tiger II     Swiss Air Force "Tiger 1"
J-3084   F-5E Tiger II      "     "    "      "
J-3086   F-5E Tiger II      "     "    "      "
J-3087   F-5E Tiger II      "     "    "      "
J-3088   F-5E Tiger II      "     "    "      "   
J-3091   F-5E Tiger II      "     "    "      "
J-3070   F-5E Tiger II      "     "    "   (did not fly)

The C-40B departed to Shannon this morning while the C-21A left to carry out two flypasts at the Bray Airshow before heading on east to it's base in Germany.  The Patrouille Suisse were the star attraction at the Bray Airshow and they didn't disappoint - especially when they linked up in formation with an Aer Lingus A319.

Aer Lingus A319 EI-EPR in formation with the Patrouille Suisse at Bray Airshow


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